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KivaCards Introduction

Tired of wandering through the grocery store, trying to find cards which were, well, tasteful and good to look upon? And had just the right greeting inside?

Bored with sending ephemeral, low-quality electronic cards?

Take a look at our range of KivaCards. You download them, print them on your own printer, write what you want inside them and then mail them to friends and family.They differ from our KivaDawgs series, which are based on hand-drawn illustrations of everyday life taken from the life of an extended family of dachshund characters.

There's a viewable catalogue below from which you can choose an image; once you find one you like, you'll download its card by simply clicking on a link. The cards themselves are .pdf files, readable and printable with Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. The files are password-protected - and the password is 'tasHa;Lou' (without the ' quotes).

Printing Your Cards

You can print your KivaCards on anything that your printer can handle, although best results will generally be obtained with glossy, photo-quality paper.

You may find it convenient to buy paper specially designed for greetings cards - for example, Hewlett-Packard Glossy Greetings Card stock, which is pre-creased for convenient folding and comes with envelopes of the correct size. For some occasions, we find printing on normal 8.5x11 inch glossy photo-quality paper works fine (although you must fold the paper yourself, and the inside of the card will likely be decorated with the elegant little trademarks that the vendors like to print on the back of their paper).

You can print greetings inside the card - to do this, you should first create the greetings you want using the program of your choice and then print it on the back (non-glossy side) of the card. When it's printed, you can run the card through your printer a second time to print the card front from Acrobat Reader. You may need to experiment to find out which way round to put the card back through your printer...

With any ink-jet printer, color matching can be an issue. KivaCards are provided with colours correct for an sRGB display or printer. Experience suggests that letting your printer driver treat the card as a colour photo (..which it is..) should provide good results, but be prepared to experiment a little with your printer driver settings and colour matching options.

Terms and Conditions

We offer a range of downloadable KivaCards products. Each may be freely downloaded. The ownership of the intellectual property inherent in each product remains with its owner (normally us) and is not transferred to you by download nor by purchase. You are licensed to use the downloaded products for any personal, non-commercial purposes. You may not re-distribute the products in any form (save that you may print the products on any media convenient and provide such printed copies free of charge to anyone you see fit) nor by any means unless you guarantee that recipients of such redistributed products are bound by these terms and conditions. If you wish to use the products for commercial purposes please contact us either electronically at or at the physical mail address given below. Some of our products are free, but the same terms and conditions prevail.
By downloading any KivaCard product you are agreeing to be bound by these terms.

Each KivaCard product is copyright © Kiva Design 2000 and/or others and/or other dates as appropriate. All rights reserved. 

The cards are provided at 300dpi for roughly 4"x6" images. The raw scan quality is significantly better - we've made some very satisfying 16"x20" prints from full-frame scans. If you'd like a high-quality print of one or more of our images, please contact us at We have an Epson 3000 printer capable of producing archival-quality prints up to 17" x 22".
We offer two free downloads in our KivaCards series. One is the free example card (196KB)- download it to see what a KivaCard will look like, and to practice printing and colour-matching. The other provides a couple of helpful hints (344KB) - one hint shows how to add an insert to a card, and the other provides information on how to build an envelope for your Kivacard (or for any other card formed by a fold on 8.5 x 11 paper)
And you can now use our preview images as images in your own electronic greetings cards, for free. Click on the thumbnail for the image you'd like to use, and you'll get the preview. You can then drag'n'drop, or copy and paste the preview image into your outgoing email. See our helpful(?) instructions here for more info.
In the table below, you can see thumbnail views of the picures on our cards.

If you click on a thumbnail, you'll see a much larger image. This image is of significantly lower quality than the image on the card; you can judge the card quality - and the general shape of the cards - by downloading the Mannington Roses card; it's completely free (but still protected by copyright).

Note that the technical information provided with each image is not part of the card - it's just there for your general interest and edification.

When you click on a Download Card link, your browser will start downloading the card. If your browser has the Acrobat Reader plugin (so you can see downloaded .pdf files in your browser window), you must tell it to save the file rather than showing it to you in the browser window: on a Mac, in Netscape, you hold the option key down when clicking on a link to do this. (If you don't do this, the browser will ask you for the password to the file before you can download). Practice with the free card.

Each card you download will have the same general organisation as this free card - the back will describe the card, and the front will have the photograph, surrounded by a border (as shown in the larger preview images). (As noted above, the technical info is not part of the card)

You'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view (and print) the cards. You'll need version 4.x or later; if you don't have it, click on the Get Acrobat button below:

Each card is now free but is password-protected.After downloading, you will be asked for the password. The password is 'tasHa;Lou' (without the ' quote marks)

Mannington Roses
Download Free Card
Abingdon and Swan
Download Card
Abingdon Path
Download Card
Jon's Window
Download Card
Plymouth Sailing Boat
Download Card
Window at the Chateau of Azay-le-Rideau
Download Card
Colorado Sky
Download Card
Tree at Sturbridge
Download Card
Window at the Chateau of Blois
Download Card
Ducks at Concord
Download Card
River Scene Near Carlisle
Download Card
Tequila Jean
Download Card
Cactus in Flower
Download Card
San Francisco Sailing Boat
Download Card
Grand Canal, Venezia, at Dusk
Download Card
Bridge in Firenze
Download Card
Fishermen at Grau-du-Roi
Download Card
Download Card
Two Swans
Download Card
Paris Bouquet
Download Card
Spices at Arles
Download Card
Eiffel Tower
Download Card